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Windows 7 to Windows 10 Migration Webinar – Example

Windows 7 to Windows 10 Migration Webinar – Example

This blog post has an example webinar that Microsoft Partners may review and consider using as a model to follow. Each of the concepts explained in the How to Make a Webinar – For Microsoft Partners blog have been used in this webinar and other examples.

This example webinar example may be replicated as is, but I encourage everyone to customize the talk track, the video content, and more to be their own. Add in your differentiators to stand out above the crowd. Again, this is just one of several webinar examples on various topics I am creating. You are responsible for the reuse of any content or formatting of this webinar example.

Other example webinars in this series are located at the links below. Additional topics now being created are also provided below, so be sure to check back often for updated material.

Windows 7 to Windows 10 Migration - Webinar Example 1 (embedded below)

Shadow IT at Cloud Speed – Webinar Example 2 (coming in February 2020)

Microsoft Teams Voice – Everything a Business Needs – Webinar Example 3 (coming in February 2020)

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication – Webinar Example 4 (coming February 2020)

Compliance in Microsoft 365 – Webinar Example 5 (coming February 2020)

If there are additional topics you would like to see an example created for, please leave a comment below.

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