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Microsoft Ignite 2021 – Kevin’s Recommended Session List

Microsoft Ignite 2021 – Kevin’s Recommended Session List

Let’s talk about Microsoft Ignite 2021 and my recommendations for sessions that are a must watch! Microsoft Ignite is March 2-4, 2021. Registration is no cost and can be completed in minutes at

I have been to many conferences over the years from the internal Microsoft Ready and TechReady conferences, RSA, Enterprise Connect, partner conferences, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Inspire, and more. I learn so much from every single conference and look forward to attending each of them again every year. But, I can tell you that Microsoft Ignite is one of my favorites because of the larger number of sessions that cover so many Microsoft Products. The best part is, there is no cost to attend the conference to watch the sessions live or as recordings later on.

I am a very passionate about technology and cannot wait to learn as much as I can about everything. The problem I have is the same as everyone elseā€¦time! Microsoft Ignite for years has been one of my go to sources of great information about everything Microsoft. I know I can go to the catalog and watch a session to learn a lot in a very short amount of time. Many of the sessions are just 30 minutes long. When I want to learn more, I’ll review the Microsoft Documentation site and then perhaps setup a lab environment for testing.

In this post, I have reviewed the title and descriptions of all 381 sessions now offered in the Microsoft Ignite catalog and below are my personal recommendations over several categories of ‘must watch’ sessions. Remember, my focus is on Microsoft 365 in Collaboration and Cybersecurity which is what the majority of the sessions listed below are going to cover. Be sure to review the catalog for many more sessions.

You may ask, how do I find time to watch all of these sessions? For me, I want to focus on each session I watch without any distractions. So, I watch them on a tablet while on a treadmill where I also have a small notepad to take notes for follow up. Pro Tip: Step to the side of the treadmill prior to taking a note.

For a complete list of all the announcements and details released at Microsoft Ignite 2021, be sure to review the Microsoft Ignite 2021 Book of News! Be inspired and amazed with all of the latest innovation being released soon! Review the Microsoft Ignite 2021 Book of News here: Microsoft Ignite 2021 Book of News

Thank you for reviewing this list and have a great Microsoft Ignite 2021!

Recommended Session List for Microsoft Ignite 2021:

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